These are just a few shots from my massive photo collection.   I will be continuing to put more of them on this site when time allows.   These pages listed below are my "public section".   Let me know if you would like to be on my list of people to notify when I add photos.

Some of these pages have thumbnails and some just have a succession of large (1000 X 750) photos.  The advantage of the latter method is that with a slow internet connection you can just leave your computer for a while as they all load at once, rather than waiting each time you click on a photo.

Latest lava pictures - July 2010

Pictures of my finished house
Views from the house

House construction
   Installation of septic system
   Concrete forms for carport slab and house foundation
   Jumping Ahead - Putting roof on the house
   Siding and windows on, before painting

Kalapana, Hawaii - The natural scene
   Old Faithful on Hawaii
   All-Natural Fireworks
   Steam plume, house lot before excavation, nearby ruins

2006 Utah - Colorado Trip
   Page 1 - Near San Juan River, Utah
   Page 2 - Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point, Utah
   Page 3 - La Sal Mountains, Utah
   Page 4 - Paradriving trips at Telluride, CO

   Torrey Pines
   Mustang 1-1-05
   Mustang 12-17-05
   Miller 2-25-06

Ancient Hang-gliding photos

Southeast Arizona Scenery
   Chiricahua Mountains
   My favorite lake

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I have many more that are in my "non-public" section - mostly taken at the Tree of Life and at gatherings.  These require a user name and password. Follow the link below if I've given you that info, or contact me for access.

People Photos