Stage one of home raising:
installation of septic system as required by building code.
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Here's my lot before any work was done, looking south. Three of the corner stakes can be seen. Dimensions are 60' X 130';
This view is looking down the long dimension. 5-8-08

This is looking east across the lot, toward the ocean view. (Image too bright to discern water from sky.) 5-8-08

Same view as previous picture, just before covering of septic system. 6-10-08
(I jumped ahead in sequence to compare views from same spot.)

Hole dug by backhoe for septic system. 5-23-08.

Looking North after cinder and 1000-gallon septic tank put in. 5-25-08.

Septic tank and 12'X24' leach field ready for inspection and covering. Looking south. 6-10-08

Looking west with steam plume from lava's ocean entry visible in the background.
My neighbor Dave's house is the one to the right. 6-10-08.

View to the north from lava ridge behind my lot. 6-10-08.

Stage 2 - Forms for concrete slab and house foundation

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