Allan's dream home is beginning to materialize...

11/19/08: The decks are on now, and guess what color I'm painting the house! The siding was pre-primed with the light color already.
I wanted to match my hair color, but I blew it, so I'm off a bit. When it's time to repaint, Rusty will get it right!

The view from my currently private driveway, with my car in the carport and my camper (still living in) at the end of the road I put in. 11/13/08

Closer view showing ocean in the background,11/13/08.

Caught this photo on my way out, on by daily bike ride, 11/18/08. Some sort of horizontal rainbow I guess. This view shows where the lava
flowed down the hill in 1990 and covered Kalapana Gardens, the entire subdivision where I live.

My neighbor-friends Dave and Charlene's house as seen on Thanksgiving morning 11/27/08. I recently put up the two posts and chain
across the beginning of the road I put in to my lot, which does keep out occasional intruders.