All-Natural Fireworks
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The now-nightly lavaset, like a sunset but it lasts all night! This was taken Friday, 6-27-08, on the first night of the recent break-outs from the lava tube that carries the lava from the volcano eruption point down to the ocean. The daily updates by the USGS Hawaii Volcanoes observatory did not report this surface flow until Sunday 6-29-08, and it was not reported in the local daily Hilo newspaper until Wednesday 7-2-08.


View toward steam plume above lava ocean entry, as seen from near the beach that is closest to my land. 7-2-08

Looking down the coast to lava entry at sunset, 7-3-08. There was a boat getting ridiculously close at the time, I would estimate
only about 150 feet after I took this photo. It is extremely dangerous to get that close, due to frequent explosions of rock, highly
toxic gasses from the salt water being vaporized, and the chance of a huge delta of hardened lava collapsing into the ocean.

Outbreak from lava tube, 7-4-08, as seen from my van window at the edge of my land.
The octogon home on left belongs to Chas, who lives in Oregon. The octogon is his vacation home.

Pele does celebrate the fourth of July. Taken just after sunset, 7-4-08.

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