Just since the 4th of July, after I made the page titled "Natural Fireworks", the lava has started exploding upward almost constantly at the
ocean entry, I would estimate up to 300 or 400 feet into the air! I had never seen lava in the air until this recent upswing in activity.
Now it really does look just like fireworks at night. This photo was taken on Saturday evening, 7-12-08.

When I returned on 7-14-08, I saw a newly-formed mound near the lava ocean entry. Lava geysers were just as high and frequent.
This photo was taken from the same spot as the photo above it, and you can see the "littoral cone" that developed.

There were little twisters developing at times, from the instability that results from the huge volume of steam released.
I even saw lightning, confirmed by one of the USGS reports (with no thunderstorms in the area). 7-12-08

Every Tuesday night a huge ocean liner passes by, the "Pride of America"....This was a 15-second exposure in the moonlight, 7-15-08.

Ocean liner heading to the lava in the moonlight. 7-15-08

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