Kalapana on the Big Island - my new home!
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Steam plumes from multiple points where molten lava meets the sea, the usual scene here. 4-18-08.

The steam plume can be seen reflecting lava's glow on most nights. This shot was taken from my camper window, in the
middle of the night during a full moon while parked in front of my land, 5-21-08. Exposure time 15 seconds.

Morning shot of steam plume, 5-27-08

View across my lot to the ocean, with a hint of a rainbow, before excavation began. Large crack was big enough to walk through.
House in background is a tiny unpermitted house which has been vacant for a long time. 5-8-08.

Another view of my land, looking down the crack which has now been filled in. It was hard to see this wonder go, but necessary
to create my home. As you can see, there was a stream of lava flowing through the crack in 1990. 5-8-08.

View to east where lava flowed in the crack. This area is just off my boundary and remains untouched. 5-8-08

My two vehicles parked along the road I just put in to my lot, the 30 MPG transportation and the 10 MPG domicile.
Another hint of a rainbow, as commonly seen here.

This is the remains of an old school bus that was parked here before the lava came in 1990. The lava filled the bus. A year later I hiked out
here with my friend Shay, and I remember the scene vividly. Since then, the roof collapsed in from corrosion of the steel around the windows.
This photo was taken 6-9-08.

Another relic, I think it is the skeleton of a shipping container, commonly seen on the island, similar to a unit of a cargo train without the wheels.
The roof of the school bus is in the background. These ruins are less than a quarter mile from my land. 6-9-08.

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